Milano tailor-made works


New trends

The ancient artisan tradition, perfectly combined with new market trends, allows the creation of tailor-made works in Milan, carried out by expert staff. Thanks to the piece of works available and to the many molds and models, stored in the basement and collected around the world, the Lombard company is perfectly able to create sceneries of every type of environment, on ideas of nineteenth-century, baroque, empire, liberty, iconic, Corinthian, Doric. The qualified personnel of the company is able to detect casts of decorations directly on site, reproducing them as those already present. After installation, every space will regain the splendor and charm of the past.
Thanks to the great experience and professionalism, the plaster installers, realize structures and plasterboard lowerings and are also available for any inspections. When expressly requested, it is possible to enrich the artifacts chosen with paintings or pictorial decorations, thus giving a touch of uniqueness and unrepeatability. Through the wide selection of molds and models, U.A.D.G. offers users the opportunity to enrich any space of the home or store, with a really wide variety of styles.

Lavori su misura Milano

The ancient artisan tradition

The staff specialized in tailor-made works in Milano also deals with the creation of new models, custom molds and casts on site, completing the work with the installation. A simple combination of a cornice with the right arris and the presence of a rose-window will give the visitor the sensation of being in a wonderful trendy living room. With the addition of a wall lamp or a light gutter, the space will acquire elegance and sophistication. Through the precious work carried out by the staff of the Milanese company, a simple opening can magically turn into a classical arch, supported by columns or pilasters. This simple expedient can give beauty and brightness even to the simplest hallway. For further information or for any quotes please contact the company staff directly, by visiting the specific section on this site.