Milano Plaster rose-windows



At the Milanese company you will find a wide selection of items and creations, such as plaster rose-windows in Milano. Since antiquity, these architectural elements have been used to decorate the ceilings of every kind of dwelling, from the simplest to the richest and most elegant. Even if their exact origin and the historical period are unknown, the birth of the rose-windows can be dated back to the Middle East. However their popularity and diffusion in Europe is due to the brilliance and mastery of Italian and French designers particularly fond of this type of decoration. All the elements that made up the rose-windows have always been influenced by fashion and artistic, stylistic and architectural trends of every era: from Romanesque to Gothic, from baroque to neoclassical, to the Empire style, to art nouveau and deco. But their use is widespread today, perfectly in line with the design and trends of the moment. In every age, the great expert artisans were able to model and sculpt these fascinating decorations through the use of the most diverse materials, such as: plaster, marble, iron or wood. The making of a single model needed very long and complex processing times.
Rosoni in gesso Milano

Brilliance and mastery

Despite the arrival of modern technologies and new materials, the plaster continues to be worked in the laboratory, always with great love, passion and competence. The plaster rose-windows in Milano are always particularly requested by customers. These fascinating architectural elements are also proposed in a modern key, with new lines and different uses, especially after the birth of neon and LED lighting. The rose-window is a fundamental element of the ceiling, often the focal point, able to give charm, elegance and prestige.