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The U.A.D.G. Decoratori in Gesso company produces a wide and varied range of products, including beautiful wall lamps and light gutters, also called luminous wall chase in Milano. The light gutters are widely used for diffused perimeter lighting. They create a particularly warm and welcoming atmosphere, characterized by an embracing soft light. They can be used Neon or LED and it is also possible to use various types of cornices, able to satisfy any kind of need. Wall lights are instead wall light points. They can have different shapes and sizes. The highly specialized staff of the Lombardy company is perfectly able to customize any type of piece of work, according to the specific requests of the client. The plaster wall lamps embellish any location giving it a touch of class and elegance. Their use well suite any type of furniture and style thanks to classic shape, linear, modern or minimal. The wall lamps hide the lamp used inside allowing only a soft light to be seen, spread evenly throughout the room.
Gole luminose Milano

Wall lamps

Each wall lamp made by the company U.A.D.G. Decoratori in Gesso can be unique, through a precise personalization. For example, the plaster light element can be painted both on the back and on the front. If the wall lamp is painted with the same color of the wall, perfect camouflage is achieved. Instead, if you prefer to use different colors, you will create particularly scenic and seductive plays of light. Thanks to the expertise and professionalism gained over time, the Milanese company is perfectly able of satisfying any kind of request regarding wall lamps and luminous wall chases in Milano. All products are made with plaster, water, hemp fiber, through the skill and wisdom of ancient gestures, qualities handed down from father to son.