Milano plaster cornices


Decorative elements

Among the many items and creations that you can find at the Lombard company, there are also the plaster cornices in Milano. These objects, also known as moldings, are shaped decorative elements that enrich the architectural structures, giving them charm, elegance and beauty. They can be in different shapes and they perfectly conform to the various uses. They range from smooth cornices (linear, simple, made up only of curves and dentils), to the worked ones (more or less enriched with floral themes, ovoli, and more). Whether large or small, the cornices enrich and make any space more elegant, sophisticated and welcoming. These important architectural elements can be installed along the perimeter of the rooms, making the corner of intersection between the wall and the ceiling more gentle and graceful. They can often create decorative bands, giving life to fascinating games of color on the walls, or they can create ceiling panels, drawing any kind of geometric lines: from the simplest rectangle to the most elaborate.
Cornici in gesso Milano

Elegance and sophistication

The pomp of the great noble palaces, built in the past centuries, was due in part to the use of elaborate cornices, often enriched with randine, angle brackets, centre-lines and rose-windows. Even the walls can be cropped and outlined, through elaborate geometric patterns and sequences of more or less decorated rectangles, for example divided by a half-height band, called boiseries.
Lovers of elegance and refinement they can address to a plaster wainscot to replace the classic wood, or for the finishing of the doors, through the replacement of the wooden jamb with plaster cornices in Milano or with pilasters. These solutions give a particularly spectacular final effect. For further information the staff of the Milanese company is at the complete disposal of the users, and can be contacted by visiting the appropriate section on this site.