Milano Plaster columns


Specialized staff

The specialized staff of the Lombard company carries out all kinds of work, such as pilasters and plaster columns in Milano.
These last architectural elements are made up of three specific elements: base, trunk and capital.
The base supports the trunk. It is usually smooth, and can be composed of only the round ring (with several profiles or the simplest bull) or it can rest on a square. During the Gothic and Roman period the column was replaced by the column-bearing, an important architectural element, generally in the shape of a lion. The trunk is the body of the column. Among the most popular models, made by the company U.A.D.G., there are the smooth ones, without particular decorative elements, and those fluted, with vertical grooves along the whole height. Sometimes the smooth trunk can be embellished and also enriched by a ring, located at about half of its height. In this case the column is called alveolate. On the contrary, when the groove is filled up to one third of the height from the base, through a stick molding, the column is defined as cabled.

colonne in gesso Milano

Large show room

The tapered columns are less frequent, that is with a swelling placed about a third from the base. In the past, this architectural model was widely used to correct the optical effect.
On the other hand, the capital connects the column trunk and the overlying structure, that is the arch or the architrave. Furthermore, by carefully observing the capital, it is possible to easily distinguish the architectural order to which the column belongs. Classical architectural orders are mainly divided into Greek and Roman. The Ionic and Corinthian Doric orders belong to the first type, while the latter belong to the composite order and the Tuscan order. For any further information about the plaster columns in Milano, contact our staff or visit the large showroom of the Lombard company. We can realize columns and pilasters of any size, faithfully respecting the requests and needs of our customers.