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About us

The U.A.D.G. cooperative was born in 2017 following the join of two companies with over ten years experience in the sector U.A.D.G. Decoratori in Gesso in Milano is the successful choice for all those who are looking for excellent products and workmanship, always of the highest quality. The two companies, the U.A.D.G. snc and Brambilla e Fieni srl, have always collaborated with each other in order to guarantee their customers unique products. Because they share the same company philosophy, they have decided to join together to improve and give a touch of freshness to the company. In the U.A.D.G. Cooperative Decoratori in Gesso, history, craftsmanship and technological innovation coexist in a perfect harmony, in a successful fusion. All this involves a steady increase of the clientele, conquered by the precision of the workings, by the seduction of the lines and by the technical competence of all the company staff. Six people actively work at the cooperative. Specifically, the professional figures consist of work bench plasterers, plaster workers, installers and sculptors. The team carefully monitors the project at every stage of the processing, always trying to address the user on the best solutions, in line with the needs and the aesthetic sensibility of each one. In some cases, an accurate inspection is necessary in order to optimize the final result of the project itself.

Decoratori in gesso Milano

Our visionary goals

There are few companies on our territory, which are actively engaged in craftsmanship and which can boast a long and glorious professional history. U.A.D.G. Decoratori in Gesso is an excellent company, made up of experienced and professional staff, able to meet any customer desire. The ability to customize each product, making it unique together the restrained prices, allowed the Milanese company to survive the large-scale distribution. For the future, U.A.D.G. Decoratori in Gesso in Milano wants to expand its business, extending sales in the rest of Italy and abroad. The artisan workshop, specialized in the realization of plaster decorations, is located in Milan, precisely in Viale Monza, near Piazzale Loreto. The cooperative is composed of a department for public sale and the real laboratory. The latter is a charming place, where all ideas and projects take shape.